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(PK-52282)MNCH Care for Afghan Refugees in Nowshera and Haripur districts.


  • European Commission

Primary Recepient

  • Johanniter International Assistance

FPHC-JUH MNCH Project-Services

  • Free Provision of 24/7 BEmOC services
  • Free OPD Consultations
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Laboratory Diagnostic Services
  • Free Deliveries services
  • Free New-Born Baby Kits
  • Free Ambulance Services
  • DEWs for major outbreaks
  • Community Mobilization Sessions
  • IYCF Counselling Sessions in Field and BHU


  • Provision of 24/7 MNCH services (Basic EmOC)
  • Strengthening of referral to secondary and tertiary care hospitals.
  • Capacity Building
    • EmOC Staff
    • IYCF Workers
  • Provision of Counselling Sessions
    • PLW (breast feeding, complementary feeding, improved care and feeding practices and maternal nutrition)
  • Community Awareness/Mobilization For Males (Jirgas, Health Committees and male volunteer health workers)
    • Advocacy seminars
    • Awareness raising sessions
    • Community mobilization sessions
  • Community Awareness /Mobilization sessions for Women
    • Women of Reproductive Age (WRA)
    • Elderly women
  • Printing of IEC material for community outreach


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